Create Custom AI Girlfriend



Questions and answers

This site provides a virtual chat experience with an AI-powered character, designed to simulate conversations with a girlfriend. It uses advanced algorithms to create realistic and engaging interactions.

The AI girlfriend is powered by artificial intelligence, enabling her to respond in a human-like manner. She can engage in conversations, learn from interactions, and provide personalized responses.

While the AI girlfriend is designed to simulate human interaction, she is not a real person. The experience is intended for entertainment and companionship purposes only.

Yes, users can customize their AI girlfriend's personality traits, interests, and conversation style to enhance the personal connection and interaction experience.

We prioritize user privacy and security. However, it's advisable to avoid sharing sensitive personal information as the interactions are with an AI, not a real person.

Yes, conversations are private and encrypted. However, as with any digital platform, users should exercise discretion in what they share.

The AI girlfriend can provide general companionship and conversation. However, she is not a substitute for professional emotional support or advice.

No, it's completely free. you can send unlimited messages.

Users can report problems or provide feedback through email